Welcome to Deck Upgraders

A Division of CO-REMOD Specializing in Wood to Composite Upgrades!


Who are the Deck Upgraders?

We are part of Co-Remod dedicated to upgrading your deck with composite material!

The Deck Upgraders division was created in response to a growing demand by Co-Remod's customers who appreciate the upfront pricing and attention to detail we provide!
Converting your deck from wood to composite can be a challenging task. One of which other contractors struggle to provide properly. We seek perfection, as do our customers.

This perfection is key when going with composite decking!
Settle for nothing less!

What Separates Us From Others?

We don't just swap out your Decking & Railings!


We Upgrade Your Framework First!

Most decks require at least some framework upgrading to meet new codes. Just swapping out boards is not enough!

Please don't trust those so called "Do-It-Yourselfers" who say they can be in & out in a few days!

Unless your deck was built in the last 5 years, it will need to be upgraded with structural connectors like the "Deck Tension Ties" in the picture. Just slipping a sleeve over your existing half notched wood railing system is not acceptable.

We go over all of the requirements with you before we start so you can rest assure your deck will meet all new deck building codes.


Making New Stairs for Composite Boards!

As with most deck boards your stairs will also need to upgraded to meet both code & composite manufacturers guidelines.

Take a look under your stairs. Are they 48" wide with only 3 stringers? If so, this will not do.

Do your stairs end on your lawn or asphalt driveway?

If yes, this also will not do.

Don't worry!

We provide our services at significantly cheaper rates than others.

Our main focus is that your deck not only look beautiful, but that it lasts a long time as well.

Again, Perfection is Key!


Our Deck Upgrade Cost Analysis Worksheet

With our proprietary decking material worksheet our customers see exactly what the costs are upfront!

Don't you hate it when a contractor comes in and gives you an estimate that sounds good.

Then the next thing you know you're listening to them say, "we need to add this and that will be extra"!

This will not be the case when you work with CO-REMOD's Deck Upgraders division.

We utilize our proven worksheets to fully evaluate the necessary materials to complete the job thoroughly.


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